One of my earliest childhood recollections is a few days after Christmas, watching my Father, Grandfather and Uncles gathered around a fuzzy black & white image on the family TV. They were all pretty excited about something. Hooting, hollering and clapping. I had never seen such a reaction from anyone watching TV. It was the Detroit Lions beating the Cleveland Browns to become NFL Champions in 1957. I remember hearing names like “Van Patrick” and “Tobin Rote”. I sure that I didn’t watch more than a few minutes of the actual game and I am certain that I was a major annoyance to the adults who were so intently watching the picture on that tiny TV screen. This was my introduction to Detroit Sports. I was four years old.

I became aware of the Tigers and Red Wings through those same TV images. I remember listening to Tiger Games on the radio. As I grew older, I became a fan too (just like the big guys!). Finally, when I was 6 or 7 years old, My Dad decided that it was time for me to go to my first Tigers game. Money was pretty tight back then so the plan was to buy bleacher seats. Dad decided to ask my Grandfather if he wanted to come along. Grandpa said sure, but on one condition… if I was going to my very first Tigers game, we needed to have box seats… He didn’t have much money either, but this was a high priority to him, so we went to watch the Tigers and Kansas City Athletics at Briggs Stadium and Grandpa bought the tickets. It was a night game and I can vividly recall passing through the walkway and seeing that beautiful green field under the bright lights. The Tigers were right in front of me in their creamy white uniforms with the distinctive old English “D” on their chests. I still remember the smell of the cigar smoke and the hot dogs, the sound of the cracking bat and the adventure of the trough in the men’s room! I think the Tigers won that night… at least that’s what I want to remember. That was the day I became a Tiger fan.

From an early age, hockey was always my favorite. I have fond memories of being allowed to stay up late when the Red Wings were on Hockey Night in Canada. Gordie Howe was the man. (Now that I think about it… He still is!).  I wanted to be a hockey player when I grew up. I’d pretend that I was Howe or Lindsay or Delvecchio or Sawchuk. I watched every Red Wings game that was televised (at least the ones that my Dad allowed me to stay up for!).  Finally in 1964, Dad took my to my first Red Wings game at Olympia Stadium. Man, I was soooo excited! The Red Wings were playing the Chicago Black Hawks. The reaction walking into Olympia was similar to the one I had experienced at Briggs stadium a couple years earlier, but much more intense. We were close! I could hear the players yelling, the puck hitting the boards was loud. Not only was this the first hockey game I had ever seen in person, it was the first hockey game I had ever seen in color! Those blood red uniforms of the Red Wings were breathtaking. Goalie, Terry Sawchuck was hit above the eye by a puck (no facemasks then!) and had to be helped off the ice to tend to the huge gash. The game was held up for quite some time, until Sawchuk came back. The Red Wings won that game 3-1. After the game, Dad took me to the concourse, near the dressing room. He told me that “maybe we’ll see some players”. A moment later, one of the Red Wings appeared. It was none other than Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe himself. I was in awe to actually be that close to him in person. Imagine my surprise when he spoke to a woman standing next to my Dad. He asked her “Is this the guy?” as he pointed at me. The lady said yes. Gordie then picked me up, put me up on his shoulders and took me into the Dressing room. I was still holding my game program. Gordie took it from me and turned it to the player picture page. He then went around to every player in the room saying “Here, sign this for the kid”. They all did… except Terry Sawchuk who was seated slumped in a chair still wearing his goalie pads. With that huge cut above his eye, I could clearly see all the stitches. It was rather apparent that he wasn’t in a particularly good mood and wasn’t very interested in signing an autograph for a snot-nosed kid. Terry said something like “Forget that book” (or perhaps it was another word that starts with an “F”). Gordie replied (paraphrasing) “Please sign this program for this young fan so I will not be forced to place this program into one of your body cavities” (The actual language was more colorful than I have noted here). Terry signed the program and even shook my hand. Gordie took me back out into the concourse to my Dad, who himself, couldn’t believe what just happened. Turns out that the Lady who arranged my locker room visit was a co-worker of my Dads and was a very good friend of the Howe family. It would not be possible for any kid to experience something like that and not become a life-long fan of the team and this sport. Even today, Gordie Howe is my idol.

There was no turning back. I was hooked. The Red Wings, Tigers and Lions were my Dad’s teams. They were my Grandfather’s and my uncle’s teams too. Now, they were my teams.

1968. The year after the Detroit Riots. We had moved out of the city into the Suburbs a couple years earlier. The Tigers had a very good team in 1967, finishing in second place and started out even stronger in 1968. We all followed them closely. One day in July, we received a call that my Grandfather had suddenly and unexpectedly died. After his funeral, I was at his house with my Dad helping him go through some of his things. Dad opened Grandpa’s wallet and pulled out a Tigers schedule. Grandpa had meticulously wrote the wins and losses on that schedule right up until the day before he died. My Dad said, well, I guess we don’t need to keep this around any more. I asked him if I could have the schedule. He gave it to me and I finished writing the W’s and L’s for the rest of the season. The Tigers went on to play in and win the World Series that year. Grandpa would have loved watching that.  The next time that the Tigers would win the World Series was in 1984. I watched the clinching game with my Dad with my own two young sons nearby. I will have to ask John if he remembers that day. He was four years old.

My love of the Detroit teams was passed down to my sons. I took each of them to their first games at Tiger Stadium, The Silverdome and Joe Louis Arena. I wonder what kinds of memories they have of those games?

Fast forward to 1997. The Red Wings in the Stanley Cup finals. My two boys, who were now hockey players, watched the games with me with keen interest. When the Wings clinched the cup I had tears of joy running down my face as Steve Yzerman lifted the Stanley Cup for the first time. My boys just looked at me. I wonder what they were thinking?

My youngest son, Joe is currently in the military stationed in Wyoming and still an avid Fan of “our teams”. The oldest son (who now works for the Lions) now has two sons of his own. I am anticipating this cycle to repeat itself again with them. I can’t wait. It’s almost time! Nolan is four years old.

The roots are deep. These are our teams throughout the generations. I have brothers and sisters who live in Illinois and California. All of them (as well as their children) are still diehard Detroit fans regardless of where they live. I’m pretty proud of that fact too.   

Dad & Grandpa have both departed and I miss them both but whenever I see that Old English D, The Winged Wheel or the Leaping Lion, it brings them back. Finally today, the Red Wings, Tigers and yes, the Lions are all good teams at the same time – for the first time in my adult life. Dad & Grandpa would like that.

Chad & Kim Herron were married on June 4, 2011 at St. James Catholic Church in Novi on a clear but hot and humid afternoon.  The Reception was held at the beautiful Walnut Creek Country Club in Lyon Township. We enjoyed renewing acquaintances with Walnut Creek Catering manager, Christine and her fine staff. We were also honored to be working once again, with good friends from Molly Bennett Photography.  The wedding was coordinated by Stacy St. Charles from Uniquely Yours Events. She did an outstanding job making all of the preparations and room décor (flowers by Sparr’s of Northville). Stacy worked with us organizing the huge wedding party (22 strong) for their Grand Entrance into the ballroom before turning the evening over to us. We are looking forward to working with Stacy in the future.

Chad & Kim wanted their reception to be Elegant, but fun. After cocktails featuring live piano music in the foyer, their almost 200 guests entered the gorgeous ballroom that features panoramic views of the famed Walnut Creek golf course. Chad & Kim entered the reception with plenty of excitement to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”. After toasts from Chad’s brothers, Co-Best men, Dave & Ryan, Chad & Kim shared their romantic first dance witnessed by a most appreciative crowd.

A great dinner from the Walnut Creek kitchen and a cupcake pyramid (also from Walnut Creek’s kitchen) topped by a small wedding cake went from being a beautiful decoration to a scrumptious dessert.

After the wonderful meal and formal dances with the parents, it was time for the party to begin! It was a joyous celebration. The dance floor was filled to capacity nearly all night long. The excitement culminated in a fun and energetic finale as the large crowd danced and sang to special version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” as the night drew to a close. This was one party that probably could have gone on all night! This was an outstanding wedding that will be fondly remembered by all in attendance for years!

Chad & Kim will be returning to their home in Chicago with many warm memories of their wedding day! We were honored to have been a part of it. Congratulations to Mr.& Mrs. Chad & Kimberly Herron and to your families and friends. It has been our pleasure to have shared your special day with you.

  • Venue: Walnut Creek Country Club – Lyon Twp. – Christine Wentzel, Catering Manager
  • Event coordination – Uniquely Yours Events – Stacy St. Charles
  • Photography – Molly Bennett Photography (photos coming soon!)
  • Flowers – Sparr’s of Northville
  • Entertainment – Jack Brown DJ / Entertainment Jack Brown, DJ / Emcee and Alex Chouinard, Entertainment Coordinator.

Not a fan of Bridal shows

January 10, 2011

Before I get started, I want to emphasise that this article in no way attempts to be critical of all of those who exhibit / sell at Bridal shows, those who attend Bridal shows or for that matter, of those who organize and produce those shows. I have done them. Big ones and small ones. I do not especially enjoy them and will likely never do any more of them.

The concept seems simple enough. All your wedding vendors in one place for hundreds of Brides-to-be to meet and greet. The reality IMHO is something different. I would compare some of the Bridal shows I have experienced to a cattle drive. Once the Brides get in, there is virtually no way out, except through the gauntlet of wedding vendors. I have been involved with shows as one of many DJ companies, each competing for the attention of the brides as they pass by. Many vendors (not just the DJ’s) are extremely aggressive in their approach. I have seen vendors actually block the aisle, not allowing Brides and their entourage to pass until they have listed to a sales spiel. The goal of many of these vendors is to book as many weddings as possible. I know of some DJ companies for example, who routinely book as many as a dozen weddings on a given saturday. Who cares how they do it, as long as they get someone to sign their contract. The more they book, the higher the profit… that is what a business is all about… isn’t it?

Not exactly. Not all companies have that attitude. Some passively sit back and allow those who are interested to approach them but these are the exception rather than the rule. Please don’t get the idea that I am indicting everyone who markets themselves at Bridal shows. Many of my friends and colleagues routinely do these shows and do a great job when they are hired but how is an unsuspecting B2B supposed to know which companies are the quality ones and which are the shady operators?

Bridal Fairs can be fun for a soon-to-be bride with the right attitude. Walk around, pick up some information, laugh at the obnoxious DJ’s who are screaming at them from the stage as they “emcee” the event, Watch a fashion show, sample some cake and maybe score some free prizes. It’s a good thing, as long as they have a realistic idea of what to expect and not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the onslaught of high pressure salespeople fighting over their business and attention.

You can tell which Brides are attending their first Bridal show. By the time they reach the end of the first aisle, they go into a “don’t make eye contact with anyone” mode and begin to plan a safe and quick exit. What they don’t know is that they really haven’t escaped because the avalanche of sales calls is about to begin as soon as the vendors get the phone lists from the promoters.

I personally don’t do these shows anymore for two primary reasons. 1. The High Pressure vendors take the fun out of it for everyone, and 2. There is almost no chance of being able to have any meaningful conversations with anyone who may be a prospective client. Being a small company with an emphasis on personal contact and service, these big, impersonal shows simply do not allow an opportunity for anything more than a rehearsed 30 second “commercial” . I can’t and won’t operate that way. Our emphasis is “quality” over “quantity’ regarding our services and in the clients we serve. I am more interested in meeting with more discriminating clients who are looking for a higher level of service than the “cookie cutter” suppliers who frequent these shows can provide.

Bridal shows serve a purpose for some. Thanks anyway… but I’ll pass.

Here’s a video you may have already seen. It’s hughly popular on the web, has been on TruTV and even was part of a recent Jay Leno monologue. It’s entitled  “Worst Wedding DJ Ever”.  At first glance, it is hilarious. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. However, the more I watched it, my emotions began to change. Try to keep in mind that this is real. This is not a Saturday Night Live skit but is actually someone’s wedding reception. This is a real-life Craigslist DJ (DJ Fast Eddie) at work in Daytona Florida. I began to feel sadness for the Couple who hired this guy. I imagine he told them he was a “professional”. He had probably claimed to have “done” many weddings (probably ruined them all too). Their Once-in-a-lifetime day will be remembered because of the antics and bad behavior of this DJ.

When they hired this guy, it probably seemed like a good idea. How hard can it be to DJ a wedding anyhow? They hired this guy for $300 while other DJ’s were going to charge well over $1000. They saved a bundle… didn’t they???  I wonder how they feel now that their special day has been ruined – and they do not get a do over. I’m sure that this isn’t what they had in mind. It’s too late for them now. This wedding reception was not focused on the Bride and Groom as it should have been, rather it was focused on a strange man exhibiting strange and inappropriate behavior while directing the attention to himself.

I began to think about all the guests in attendance and then the thousands, maybe even millions of people who have seen this video on the web or even network TV. What is their perception of Wedding DJ’s? Probably not very positive. It made me angry. As a PROFESSIONAL DJ – entertainer, I am among a group of hard-working, caring individuals who takes their responsibility to their clients very seriously when entrusted to make their all-important wedding reception a success. Guys like “Fast Eddie” give all of us a bad name.

This video is an extreme example of what can happen when the wrong person is given that responsibility. The really scary part is that there are hundreds of guys like this out there passing themselves off as “Professional Wedding DJ’s”. These people frequently have very little experience, very little ability and very little knowledge of what it takes to make a great wedding reception. Many of them don’t even know what they do not know.  Many of them do not even care. This example is documented in video, but DJ Horror Stories like this are way more common than most people realize. To many future Brides & Grooms who are looking to hire entertainment for their wedding, this is an easy mistake to make. Most have never hired a DJ before and at first glance, all DJ’s seem to be the same, so why not just hire someone cheap?

All Wedding DJ’s are not the same and this is why not.

Chief Warren Evans & Mayor Dave Bing

Here’s a post unrelated to weddings, or DJ / Entertainment. I seldom, if ever make comments about things like religion or politics but I have some pretty strong feelings about something that I’d like to share with whoever is interested enough to read this blog.

Despite some of the bad things that have happened in Detroit recently, I am very proud of the people now running the city.  Mayor Dave Bing, Chief Warren Evans, Charles Pugh, Gary Brown, Ken Cockrel and the rest of the City Council. While we’re handing out kudos,  let’s add DPS Financial Manager Robert Bobb and Wayne County’s Robert Ficano, Sheriff Benny Napoleon and Prosecutor Kym Worthy to the list. I think these folks are doing an outstanding job, making courageous and difficult decisions that need to be made. There is hope for Detroit because of people like these! I admire and respect them all as they do their jobs with competence and class. Positive role models all.

On Saturday, May 15, 2010 I was scheduled to perform at an event for Freedom Work Opportunities… a “Groovy Prom”.  I was somewhat familiar with this organization because they have several facilities near my home and I knew they do some great things for people who really need their help. From their own Web site, here is what FWO says about themselves:

“Freedom Work Opportunities, Inc. (FWO) is a Non profit 501 c 3 Vocational Training Program serving the needs of developmentally disabled adults in the Oakland, Livingston, and Genesee County areas.   FWO was founded in 1983 to provide skill training to individuals with disabilities. It is the purpose of this organization to provide realistic training to individuals in a manner that promotes personal growth, dignity, and respect.”

I was aware that I would be doing an event for people with special challenges, but was not completely prepared for what I was about to experience. I figured I would need some help with this event and since my regular helpers were all busy working the Relay for Life, I managed to convince Sandy (My Wife) to come along to help.

We set up and watched at the guests (FWO refers to them as “Consumers”) began to arrive. Most were nicely dressed and were obviously very excited to be attending this event.  The FWO staff and Consumer organizing committee had done a marvelous job transforming their headquarters building into a Prom site! The walls were draped in black and the room was festively decorated. There were refreshments provided along with other activities happening during the party.  It was really a very nice scene that the “Prom” guests whose ages ranged from 20-70 years arrived to. Corsages and boutonnieres were provided to the attendees. The room was packed full of people.

After a short “reception period” (no cocktails here!), we went right into dancing. I opened the mic and welcomed the crowd and asked if they were ready to have a great time… the enthusiasm was overwhelming. I started the dance music and the dance floor exploded with a bevy of excited dancers having a great time. Excitement, fun and participation is not so unique as this is our goal for each event we do. What made this so special though, were the people themselves. I have been performing at events for 35+ years, but I had never experienced anything quite like this. Here is just some of the things I observed in the next three hours:

  • People who need crutches and walkers to move around, out on the dance floor having the time of their lives.
  • People clapping to the music even though one or maybe both of hands do not function due to disease.
  • People dancing who can barely speak squealing with excitement again and again.
  • Staff members and caretakers encouraging and enabling everyone to take part (many needed some urging to get out there!)
  • Caretakers who had brought quadriplegics in wheelchairs moving the arms and legs of the person allowing them to “dance”
  • The people in walkers and wheelchairs participating in limbo – I had never seen someone in a wheelchair do Limbo before!
  • Mostly, we witnessed dozens of happy people looking at us, smiling, dancing and giving me a “thumbs up” sign each time a new song started.

There were a few notable characters among the guests that I want to mention.

  • First there was the man (we called him our “Rainman”) who knew the words of every song we played during the evening (yes, I said EVERY song). He sang along with each one while leading the dance floor echoing the refrain “Let’s Do It!” when a song he especially liked began (which was most of them). He was truly amazing!
  • Another dancer who entertained the crowd with his interpretation of the famous John Travolta “Greased Lightning” dance from Grease… it was awesome!
  • Another dancer who evidently considered himself quite the ladies man who slow danced with nearly all of the women in attendance – regardless of what the song was… He even slow danced to the Cha Cha Slide!
  • There was even a fellow there who came up to tell me that he is also a DJ… He had played music at a party the night before and stated that he was out late… until 9:00 PM!  He didn’t know the names of many songs and asked to look at my reference book so he could make a few suggestions to “help” me. I don’t know what I would have done without him! (My DJ friends will especially appreciate this!) At the end of the evening, I thanked him for “helping me out”. The big smile I received in return was priceless.

I don’t know exactly how many events I have done over the years… hundreds, maybe thousands… but never one like this before. To see so many happy, deserving people having the time of their lives, made me proud to have been there to help make it all happen. When it was over, I was told by the staff that the event, which was the first time they had ever organized an event like this, exceeded everyone’s expectations. It certainly exceeded mine. I will never forget all of those smiles and happy squeals of delight. Thanks to Robin, Marie and the entire FWO staff for allowing me to be part of this event.

As for future FWO events… we’ll be back. I’m smiling just thinking about it! 

To learn more about Freedom Work Opportunities visit their web site:

The beautiful Inn at St. Johns was the location for Natasha & Matt’s wedding and reception. Matt & Natasha are both Doctors who are on the cusp of becoming Pediatricians, as such the family kids were present in force and were very much a part of the celebration. The reception began with a fun Grand Entrance, a welcome speech by Matt, Cake cutting, toasts and blessing followed by a delicious meal from the Inn at St. Johns kitchen. The service was impeccable as expected thanks to our Banquet Captain, Maria and her superb staff.  The guests were treated to a video Montage that Natasha & Matt created as they enjoyed their meal. There were a diverse group of guests with many of them coming from places like Philadelphia, Atlanta as well as a large contingent of fellow physicians from Chicago.

Alex and I whisked the youngsters outside into a nearby Conference room, fitted them with Special hats and transformed them into “The Wedding People”.  After an impromptu choreography lesson, they returned to the Ballroom to perform the “YMCA”  for our Bride, Groom and guests. The kids did an outstanding  job as witnessed by the horde of paparazzi snapping picture after picture during the performance. The youngest of the children took part in the “Teddy Bear Toss” before all of the kids went from table to table trick or treating (Natasha & Matt had arranged for bowls of candy to be placed at each table to be passed out during this time). It was great fun and the kids didn’t have to miss out on Halloween!

The formal dances came next, Matt & Natasha, Natasha and her brother, Michael, Matt and his Mom, Sandra and the Bridal Party / Family dance. It was now time for the party to begin. The dance floor was packed, pretty much all evening long. We took a brief break for Matt’s family to come together on the dance floor to sing an Irish Drinking song (Drink Drink, Drunk Drunk). I followed that with the Dropkick Murphys “Shipping Up to Boston” which was met with great enthusiasm and a surprise “Riverdance” style performance by some of Matt’s relatives. We wanted to make certain that Natasha’s Indian family and friends were also represented, so we followed that with Punjabi MC’s “Beware of the Boys” which was also extremely popular. We had a blast with an incredible group of dancers all night long. Another highlight was a dance-off competition when Matt took on all challengers. He more than held his own despite some fierce competition. The Doctor CAN definitely dance!

We enjoyed working with our fellow Professional wedding vendors, Cleon Woods of Edwards Photography, Ryan Williams of Mirror Image Productions (video), Emerald City Designs (Decor) and of course, the wonderful  staff of The Inn at St. Johns. This reception was an unqualified success (Matt & Natasha were thrilled)!  Thanks to everyone who helped make this wonderful night a reality. Finally, to Drs. Matt & Natasha Smiley – All the best as you begin your life together as a married couple. It was truly our pleasure to be involved in your special day!

Matt & Kristina celebrated their nuptials along with a little over 100 of their family and closest friends at Burton Manor in Livonia. After a fun Grand Entrance and Cake cutting we enjoyed listening to emotional Toasts from the Maid of Honor, Valerie, Kristina’s twin sister and the Best Man and Matt’s brother, Micheal. The guests provided entertainment for themselves before the meal with a spirited round of the “Newlywed Trivia Game”. Tables were assigned questions about the Bride & Groom (With help from Matt & Kristina!). Those tables who were unfortunate enough to not know the answer to their question performed a fun challenge to the delight of all in attendance. This was a great group of people who had a lot of fun with this interactive – plus, they learned a thing or two about the “Special Guests of Honor”!  After dinner, the dance floor was the place to be as we played a lot of great 80’s music (Kristina & Matt are big fans of the 80’s!).

Our Burton Manor Banquet Captain, Chris, as well as his staff did an outstanding  job with the family-style meal service. With Alex still at school in Mount Pleasant after a bout with the flu during the week, Ren stepped in to assist me with this reception. We enjoyed working with our fellow Wedding professionals, Joe from Nicoloff Photography of Northville and Gerry from GMD Video in Livonia. Both were great guys to work with and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labor when the photos and video are ready for viewing. I hope to be able to post some links here soon.

We also enjoyed visiting with our friend, DJ Sara G., who was spinning tunes for another wedding in the room next door. It’s always fun to watch another great professional DJ working their craft – (much more fun than watching the average and below average DJ’s we see so often!).

The Reception was a huge success. A Great time was had by all!  Congratulations to Kristina & Matt as you begin your life as a married couple! May you enjoy a happy and healthy life together. It was truly a priviledge to be a part of your celebration! We hope to see you again in the near future.

Chris & Susanne’s wedding

September 28, 2009

Chris & Susanne Fleeman celebrated their marriage with an intimate gathering at the historic Holly Hotel. Much of Susanne’s family came from Germany for this special event creating some international flair. The event was flawless, thanks to our friend, Julie Hall from Jewel Occasions who coordinated this event. Julie saved the day when Susanne’s dress was torn during some intense dance floor action. Julie quickly retrieved her sewing kit and made an emergency repair. Problem solved!

We also enjoyed working with Jeff from Saborah Imaging who was the event photographer. We’re looking forward to seeing his work.

The guests were treated to a sumptuous meal from the famous Holly Hotel kitchen. The friendly Hotel staff was accommodating and provided exceptional service.  They were a pleasure to work with.

A great time was had by all. I’ll post pictures as they become available.

Congratulations Susanne & Chris. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your special day.

The weather was perfect as we prepared for Jeff & Cathryn Guina’s reception at Detroit Yacht Club.  This marked the first time we had performed at this historic facility. The club was founded in 1868 and the beautiful building was constructed in 1922. It was designed by George Mason, who also designed Detroit’s Masonic Temple and Gem Theatre as well as The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. What a gorgeous facility! We enjoyed working with the fine DYC staff, especially Catering Manager, Julia Doherty (Who graciously gave me the facility tour a week earlier) and Banquet Manager Erwin Robinson (Who did an exceptional job running the event for the venue). Both were very accomodating and a pleasure to work with. Assisting me were my usual copilot, Alex and Ren was also along to help out and get his first look at a JBDJ-style wedding!

We enjoyed working with this incredible couple. Cathryn is an R.N. at Harper Hospital. She graduated from University of Detroit Mercy and was a member and President of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. Jeff is attending Medical School at Wayne State and is an officer in the US Air Force. Once he graduates he (along with Cathryn) will go back to full-time military duty, wherever the Air Force needs him. What an inspiring young couple!

The Reception was magnificent. Cathryn was a beautiful bride (and Jeff was a handsome groom too!). With the Tri Sigma Sorority and Sigma Pi Fraternaty both well represented, a good time was pretty much assured. In short, it was an absolute blast! I’m gussing that the guest count was somewhere in the range of 250 and what a great group it was! We had a very cool Grand Entrance  followed by touching Toasts and blessing before the attendees enjoyed a delectible meal from the DYC kitchens. After dinner, the formal dances were nicely done. I especially enjoyed Jeff’s Mom placing the little Superman cape on Jeff before their dance. As a fellow parent of an Air Force son, I can totally relate to how Jeff”s parents (and Cathryn’s too!) feel. Superheros indeed!~

The party started with a bang and never let up all night long, ending with a huge (and I mean HUGE) circle of friends and family dancing and singing, showing love for Cathryn and Jeff as the magical evening drew to a close.  It was a night that everyone in attendance will always fondly remember!

It was an honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to be a part of this special day with these special people. I love my job!

(We’ll get some pictures posted when we can)