Michigan DJ’s Rock!

August 19, 2009

Last weekend, we had a rare opportunity to go outside of the state to do a wedding ceremony and reception. The location was a very unique venue, Barn at the Backwoods in Thornville, Ohio – about 35 miles east of Columbus. We met the owners, a very nice and accomodating couple. We struck up a nice rapport with them as we set up and prepared for the wedding. One unusual thing about this venue was that they had a built-in DJ booth with dance floor lighting. They had a huge and I mean Van Halen concert size HUGE (and expensive) sound system. This system was way more than they needed for this venue and I wondered what they used it for.

As the Reception progressed, things were going perfectly and going exactly to plan… as they almost always do. The owner of the facility eventually came out from the kitchen where he also serves as the head chef (wonderful food!). He had been watching the reception from a distance and wanted a closer look. He checked out my event planner / script, looked at my equipment and was fascinated with my lighting system. He told me “You are the best DJ we have ever had in here”. I said really?… why do you say that? He said first, you’re a professional – you know what you are doing. You have a plan. You are the Master of Ceremonies. Most of the guys who come in here calling themselves DJ’s are an embarrassment – with their “boombox” sound systems and “I don’t give a care” attitudes. That’s why I put in this DJ system and lights – to try and keep those jokers out of here. I have seen Brides in tears because of these lousy DJ’s, so I have my own equipment and hire the DJ’s myself that I want to work here… but I have never seen anyone do what you do. That is some really cool stuff that you do… I can’t find anyone around here who even comes close to what you do.”

Wow, I thought, that was a great compliment. I thought about the Bride in tears because of a bad DJ. Then I thought about the DJs he was talking about . We have bad DJs in our area too, but we also have some great ones. I am proud to call many of them my friends.  These are the DJ’s who raise the bar of excellence in the Detroit area market. Brides here can have a much higher expectation of what kind of performance they will get from their wedding entertainer – that is as long as they have taken time to find a good one… the right one for them.  I took this compliment as one for Michigan DJ’s in general – we all make each other better. Michigan DJ’s Rock — at least a lot of us do!

One Response to “Michigan DJ’s Rock!”

  1. Kevin Brown Says:

    Way to represent Michigan Jack! Welcome to the blogosphere as well.

    Keep up the great work!

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