Chris & Susanne’s wedding

September 28, 2009

Chris & Susanne Fleeman celebrated their marriage with an intimate gathering at the historic Holly Hotel. Much of Susanne’s family came from Germany for this special event creating some international flair. The event was flawless, thanks to our friend, Julie Hall from Jewel Occasions who coordinated this event. Julie saved the day when Susanne’s dress was torn during some intense dance floor action. Julie quickly retrieved her sewing kit and made an emergency repair. Problem solved!

We also enjoyed working with Jeff from Saborah Imaging who was the event photographer. We’re looking forward to seeing his work.

The guests were treated to a sumptuous meal from the famous Holly Hotel kitchen. The friendly Hotel staff was accommodating and provided exceptional service.  They were a pleasure to work with.

A great time was had by all. I’ll post pictures as they become available.

Congratulations Susanne & Chris. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your special day.

The weather was perfect as we prepared for Jeff & Cathryn Guina’s reception at Detroit Yacht Club.  This marked the first time we had performed at this historic facility. The club was founded in 1868 and the beautiful building was constructed in 1922. It was designed by George Mason, who also designed Detroit’s Masonic Temple and Gem Theatre as well as The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. What a gorgeous facility! We enjoyed working with the fine DYC staff, especially Catering Manager, Julia Doherty (Who graciously gave me the facility tour a week earlier) and Banquet Manager Erwin Robinson (Who did an exceptional job running the event for the venue). Both were very accomodating and a pleasure to work with. Assisting me were my usual copilot, Alex and Ren was also along to help out and get his first look at a JBDJ-style wedding!

We enjoyed working with this incredible couple. Cathryn is an R.N. at Harper Hospital. She graduated from University of Detroit Mercy and was a member and President of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. Jeff is attending Medical School at Wayne State and is an officer in the US Air Force. Once he graduates he (along with Cathryn) will go back to full-time military duty, wherever the Air Force needs him. What an inspiring young couple!

The Reception was magnificent. Cathryn was a beautiful bride (and Jeff was a handsome groom too!). With the Tri Sigma Sorority and Sigma Pi Fraternaty both well represented, a good time was pretty much assured. In short, it was an absolute blast! I’m gussing that the guest count was somewhere in the range of 250 and what a great group it was! We had a very cool Grand Entrance  followed by touching Toasts and blessing before the attendees enjoyed a delectible meal from the DYC kitchens. After dinner, the formal dances were nicely done. I especially enjoyed Jeff’s Mom placing the little Superman cape on Jeff before their dance. As a fellow parent of an Air Force son, I can totally relate to how Jeff”s parents (and Cathryn’s too!) feel. Superheros indeed!~

The party started with a bang and never let up all night long, ending with a huge (and I mean HUGE) circle of friends and family dancing and singing, showing love for Cathryn and Jeff as the magical evening drew to a close.  It was a night that everyone in attendance will always fondly remember!

It was an honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to be a part of this special day with these special people. I love my job!

(We’ll get some pictures posted when we can)

Wedding Receptions can be many different things to different people. Besides being a party to celebrate your wedding, they are gatherings of various groups of people (friends from school, work, neighbors, relatives) from all age groups who do not knoweach other (yet) and even more importantly, Family reunions. Relatives come from far and wide, many of whom have not seen each other for a long while. Most young couples have never had the responsibility of hosting such a gathering before and are not familiar with what this entails.

As the hosts of this grand celebration, it is your responsibility to make them comfortable, feel welcomed and make sure they have fun. As you make decisions pertaining to your reception, it is important to keep this in mind. Yes, it is YOUR day, but the party is being thrown for the people that you invited to be there!

From experience, I can tell you that family weddings become very important events to grandparents in particular, but this same consideration should be given to all age groups who will be in attendance. If you were throwing a party for 200 vegetarians would you feed them prime rib? Of course you wouldn’t. That’s why it is crucial to keep the wants and needs of all of your honored guests in mind as you make these all-important decisions. The seating, the décor, the menu and the music are all things that will help determine whether your guests had a good time at your party. You’ll likely have guests from eight to eighty at your reception and it’s important to keep all of them in mind throughout the planning process.

If you keep these concepts in mind and plan according, it will go a long way towards ensuring that your friends and family will be talking fondly about how your reception was “the best one ever!”.

Have questions about planning YOUR reception? Feel free to contact us via email or phone anytime 866.669.5235.

This is a great video. No matter how carefully you plan a wedding – anything can happen and sometimes even a small thing like this can produce an unexpected result.

Recently we did an outdoor wedding and we had a fun and unique Grand Entrance planned. The Bridal party was to be introduced from the inside of a building and walk out to the dance floor inside the big tent. They had all been carefully coached that once all of them had reached the dance floor, they were to look back to the house – to give everyone the impression that the Bride & Groom were coming out right behind them – but they weren’t. The B&G had slipped out into the woods where the Groom’s Motorcycle had strategtically been hidden. They were going to ride in – on cue on the bike. We coordinated this via cell phone, so they would know exactly when to make their entrance. I had the Groom on the phone as we started the music to introduce the Wedding party and told him “stand by” (for my signal). In his (their) excitement, he hung up the phone and took off on the bike … before we introduced the wedding party. I heard the engine start and tried to call him back – too late, they were already on their way.  The Wedding party, still waiting at the door and the DJ (me) were all having a good laugh as they drove up into the celebration – ahead of schedule. The guests looked on in surprise, wondering what the heck happened. We had fun with it. I explained to the guests what was supposed to have happened and tried to convince them that they were not really seeing the Bride & Groom. We proceeded to introduce the wedding party as planned and pretended that the B&G were driving out of the woods on the bike as planned. I pointed and all of the guests looked to the woods and applauded the imaginary B&G riding in on the bike. Everyone got a good laugh out of it, especially the embarrassed Groom. . This entrance didn’t go as planned, but was still a memorable experience… just not for the reason we intended.

The morale of the story – Stuff Happens – if it does, just laugh and enjoy the moment – Like they say – when you get lemons – make lemonade!.

 If like most people, you’ve attended a number of wedding receptions over the years, you have probably noticed how they can be quite different. Some receptions just don’t seem to be well organized. There doesn’t seem to be anyone running the show and half the time is spent waiting for something, anything to happen. Nobody seems to know what is going on or what to do next. The guests get bored early and head home. No matter how much money was spent on this reception, it is a failure. 

 Then there are the receptions that run like a finely tuned machine. It seems to flow effortlessly from one thing to another. The entire evening is a series of special and almost magical moments. You and the other guests are having a great time. Everyone is happy, smiling, laughing, dancing and celebrating. This has been a reception that will be long remembered as a complete and total success and a dream come true for the Bride & Groom.

Why did one fail and the other succeed? The answer? Two words. Planning and execution. The Bride & Groom in the first example, hired their DJ off of Craig’s List. They saved several hundred dollars by doing so. The DJ (Whom they never met in person before) showed up, set up his equipment and waited for them to tell him what to do and when to do it. The Couple in the second example hired a real professional DJ / Entertainment company that specializes in weddings. Their DJ met them in person beforehand and got to know them. He worked with them to pre-plan every aspect of their reception. Their DJ/MC found out exactly what their vision was and helped them achieve it. He ran the show from start to finish and it was a perfect evening. This couple paid a few hundred dollars more than the first couple for their entertainment, but which couple do you think got a better value?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime day. You do not get a second chance to do it right.