Waffle wedded wife – This is great!

September 8, 2009

This is a great video. No matter how carefully you plan a wedding – anything can happen and sometimes even a small thing like this can produce an unexpected result.

Recently we did an outdoor wedding and we had a fun and unique Grand Entrance planned. The Bridal party was to be introduced from the inside of a building and walk out to the dance floor inside the big tent. They had all been carefully coached that once all of them had reached the dance floor, they were to look back to the house – to give everyone the impression that the Bride & Groom were coming out right behind them – but they weren’t. The B&G had slipped out into the woods where the Groom’s Motorcycle had strategtically been hidden. They were going to ride in – on cue on the bike. We coordinated this via cell phone, so they would know exactly when to make their entrance. I had the Groom on the phone as we started the music to introduce the Wedding party and told him “stand by” (for my signal). In his (their) excitement, he hung up the phone and took off on the bike … before we introduced the wedding party. I heard the engine start and tried to call him back – too late, they were already on their way.  The Wedding party, still waiting at the door and the DJ (me) were all having a good laugh as they drove up into the celebration – ahead of schedule. The guests looked on in surprise, wondering what the heck happened. We had fun with it. I explained to the guests what was supposed to have happened and tried to convince them that they were not really seeing the Bride & Groom. We proceeded to introduce the wedding party as planned and pretended that the B&G were driving out of the woods on the bike as planned. I pointed and all of the guests looked to the woods and applauded the imaginary B&G riding in on the bike. Everyone got a good laugh out of it, especially the embarrassed Groom. . This entrance didn’t go as planned, but was still a memorable experience… just not for the reason we intended.

The morale of the story – Stuff Happens – if it does, just laugh and enjoy the moment – Like they say – when you get lemons – make lemonade!.

One Response to “Waffle wedded wife – This is great!”

  1. LAKIA Says:

    With thanks! Still an additional superb way of looking at things, this is exactly the reason my partner and I return for a blog site often…

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