Saving The City of Detroit…

May 21, 2010

Chief Warren Evans & Mayor Dave Bing

Here’s a post unrelated to weddings, or DJ / Entertainment. I seldom, if ever make comments about things like religion or politics but I have some pretty strong feelings about something that I’d like to share with whoever is interested enough to read this blog.

Despite some of the bad things that have happened in Detroit recently, I am very proud of the people now running the city.  Mayor Dave Bing, Chief Warren Evans, Charles Pugh, Gary Brown, Ken Cockrel and the rest of the City Council. While we’re handing out kudos,  let’s add DPS Financial Manager Robert Bobb and Wayne County’s Robert Ficano, Sheriff Benny Napoleon and Prosecutor Kym Worthy to the list. I think these folks are doing an outstanding job, making courageous and difficult decisions that need to be made. There is hope for Detroit because of people like these! I admire and respect them all as they do their jobs with competence and class. Positive role models all.

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