I hired the DJ for My wedding on Craigslist. Saved a bundle!

June 2, 2010


Here’s a video you may have already seen. It’s hughly popular on the web, has been on TruTV and even was part of a recent Jay Leno monologue. It’s entitled  “Worst Wedding DJ Ever”.  At first glance, it is hilarious. I laughed so hard I nearly cried. However, the more I watched it, my emotions began to change. Try to keep in mind that this is real. This is not a Saturday Night Live skit but is actually someone’s wedding reception. This is a real-life Craigslist DJ (DJ Fast Eddie) at work in Daytona Florida. I began to feel sadness for the Couple who hired this guy. I imagine he told them he was a “professional”. He had probably claimed to have “done” many weddings (probably ruined them all too). Their Once-in-a-lifetime day will be remembered because of the antics and bad behavior of this DJ.

When they hired this guy, it probably seemed like a good idea. How hard can it be to DJ a wedding anyhow? They hired this guy for $300 while other DJ’s were going to charge well over $1000. They saved a bundle… didn’t they???  I wonder how they feel now that their special day has been ruined – and they do not get a do over. I’m sure that this isn’t what they had in mind. It’s too late for them now. This wedding reception was not focused on the Bride and Groom as it should have been, rather it was focused on a strange man exhibiting strange and inappropriate behavior while directing the attention to himself.

I began to think about all the guests in attendance and then the thousands, maybe even millions of people who have seen this video on the web or even network TV. What is their perception of Wedding DJ’s? Probably not very positive. It made me angry. As a PROFESSIONAL DJ – entertainer, I am among a group of hard-working, caring individuals who takes their responsibility to their clients very seriously when entrusted to make their all-important wedding reception a success. Guys like “Fast Eddie” give all of us a bad name.

This video is an extreme example of what can happen when the wrong person is given that responsibility. The really scary part is that there are hundreds of guys like this out there passing themselves off as “Professional Wedding DJ’s”. These people frequently have very little experience, very little ability and very little knowledge of what it takes to make a great wedding reception. Many of them don’t even know what they do not know.  Many of them do not even care. This example is documented in video, but DJ Horror Stories like this are way more common than most people realize. To many future Brides & Grooms who are looking to hire entertainment for their wedding, this is an easy mistake to make. Most have never hired a DJ before and at first glance, all DJ’s seem to be the same, so why not just hire someone cheap?

All Wedding DJ’s are not the same and this is why not.

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